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Strategy to a full list of Sims Freeplay quests. Remember you do need to complete them in order so, for example, you can't complete the Teenagers quest if you haven't completed Preparing For Preteens.

If you don't have access to a quest it possibly be that you require update your game.

sims freeplay money hack I play Sims Freeplay and complete these quests on an Apple iPhone including at the time of writing each post the quests and tasks within the quest are all correct. The quests may change over time so if you discover different things please let me know so I'm able to alter it.

Bread Winner unlocks at level 6 and unlocks chance to cook along with the cooking hobby.

Money Grows On Trees unlocks at level 7 and unlocks associated with the Simoleon Sprout and the Lifestyle Point Lotus Plant

Love Is due to The Air unlocks at level 7 offers access for the park and marriage

Two And too a Half Sims unlocks at level 8 and unlocks the ability for your Sims to buy babies.

Discovery Quest | In an effort to Of Spells available from level 8. You must build the Sorcerous Supplies accomplish access for this quest and it unlocks the Spell casting and Broom flying hobbies

Ocean View Estate unlocks at level 9 and provide access towards the Real Estate career and premium home lots

Discovery Quest | A Dance Don't forget available from level throughout search of. You must click on the salsa dancers by the thinking man in the park get started this quest and it unlocks the salsa dancing and break dancing pastimes.

Mysterious Island unlocks at level 10 and present access on the Mysterious Island

Raiders In the Lost Artifacts unlocks at level 10 and unlocks monuments and resources from Mysterious Island

Need For Steed unlocks at level 11 and unlocks Horses and Stables on maui

Discovery Quest | Vacationer's Guide To the Outdoors which is available from level thirteen. You need to Deer Spring Falls acquire access for this quest and it unlocks the Survivalist and Storyteller fascinates.

Quest For Toddlers unlocks at level 12 and allows you to age your child Sims into Toddlers.

Discovery Quest | Sunset Mall is existing from level 12. Accumulates build the Mall to locate this quest. It will unlock the Catwalk hobby and the Bowling hobby to engage in.

Going Swimmingly unlocks at level 13 and allows an individual build pools on your lots.

The Hidden Unicorn unlocks at level 14 and present access to the Showjumping pastime.

In Da Clubhouse unlocks at level 14 and offer access on the Toddler Playhouse hobby.

Discovery Quest | Royal Lineage is for sale from level 14. To get into it ought to build Northern Glade Castle over using a island. It will unlock the Jester and Archery spare time interest.

Preparing For Preteens unlocks at level 15 and allows in order to definitely age your Toddlers into Preteens.

Discovery Quest | DIY Homes: Peaceful Patio is accessible from level 15. Get access you'll want to go on the park and have Bree, the DIY woman. It will unlock the ability to build outdoor patios

Sous Judgemental unlocks at level 15 offers access towards Restaurant

An Alien Concept: Weather Machine unlocks at level 16 and offers access towards Weather Machine

Multi Story Renovations unlocks at level 17 as well as you to additional stories to your houses.

Discovery Quest | DIY Homes: Lovey-Dovey Balcony can be bought from level 17 once Peaceful Patios and Multi Story Renovations have been finished. To gain use of this quest go to the Community Center and choose Bree, the DIY girl. This unlocks the ability to construct balconies.

Discovery Quest | DIY Homes: Basement of Kings is you can buy from level 17 once Lovey-Dovey Balcony quest has been completed. This unlocks the ability to build cellars and garages ..

Teenagers unlocks at level 18 and allows you to age your Preteen Sims to Adolescents.

Higher Education unlocks at level 19 and enables you to build great value School out partying map.

The Pirate And His Goddess unlocks at level 19 and provides access on the Pirate Ship on Mysterious Island.

Road To Fame unlocks at level 20 and unlocks adolescent Idol hobby, Teen Idol instruments and also the Sim Town Sign out partying map.

Adulthood unlocks at level 21 and unlocks the ability to age Teenage Sims to Adult Sim cards.

Ghost Hunters unlocks at level 22 and unlocks the Ghost Hunter hobby and Haunted components of the Home Store.

Seniors unlocks at level 23 and unlocks the normal function age up Adult Sims to Older persons.

Bird Feeding unlocks at level 24 and unlocks the Bird feeding hobby.

In Stitches unlocks at level 25 and unlocks the Quilting hobby.

Life Dreams And Legacies unlocks at level 25 and unlocks Life Dreams, Life Orbs, Sim personalities and automatic aging of Sims.

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